Buyer’s Edge Exclusive Buyer's Agents Fee Structures for Homebuyers in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

  • A 3% Fee based on the Total Sales Price is our typical arrangement with the vast majority of our clients. We will work hard to find you the best properties, help you evaluate them correctly and negotiate on your behalf to get the very best terms possible.

  • Our clients understand that if they agree to purchase a property under the terms of our buyer agency agreement, we will be paid. We agree to defer that payment until the day of settlement as a convenience to our client.

  • Any commission that is paid to Buyer’s Edge through the listing agent or the seller will be credited against the fee that we are due from our client. In this way, it is clear that we work for our clients, that they agree to pay us and any and all funds we receive from the seller side will be fully disclosed and credited to our client for the purpose of paying our fee.

Buyer’s Edge Other Fees Structures

We occasionally have clients who are in special circumstances where it can be particularly advantageous to work with us on a different type of fee structure. Over the years we have worked with clients on many different structures and are happy to discuss these with potential clients up-front to come up with a plan and a fee structure that makes sense.

A few of the structures we occasionally work with: 

  • Hourly Fees

  • Lump Sum Fees

  • Variable Rate Commissions *

We Do Not Accept Bonuses on Our Own Behalf.

  • Sometimes a Seller will offer a bonus to the broker who brings in a Buyer. Buyer's Edge will collect a bonus on behalf of the Buyer, and the sum is credited to the buyer at settlement.

Buyer's Edge Buyer's Agents Require NO Up-Front, Processing or Transaction Fees.

Don’t hesitate to explore these other options. Call Buyer's Edge Exclusive Buyers Agents to discuss buying a home or condo in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland! 301-807-2130