Buyer's Edge has 28+ years of real estate experience and over $1.5 BILLION in home purchases under our belts. Read about some of the most trusted Buyer's Agents in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. See why buying a home with us makes our homebuyers so happy.


"The team at Buyer's Edge have helped two generations in my family find the right home."

"A word of thanks for all of your help. We truly love this house and the kids are thrilled with it too. The house is beautiful, the neighbors friendly, the location convenient and the local elementary school has been welcoming. All your hard work has allowed us to reunite as a family and give our children a great opportunity. Thanks for all your hard work and support. We feel like we won the lottery with this house..."

"This is a fantastic team and fantastic company. The amount of attention, care, and time they give to their clients is impressive and admirable. These are by far the people to call if you're in the market to buy."

"I would not purchase real property without a Buyers Edge realtor looking out for my rights/needs!!  What a great experience! This is the way to go!"

"One of the reasons we felt real comfort in dealing with Buyer’s Edge was because we knew there would not be a conflict of interest with Buyer’s Edge representing home sellers. It was important to us that your total focus was to find the right home and make the best deal us."

"We are not first-time homebuyers, but we are first-time retainers of an exclusive buyer’s agent, and we wholeheartedly recommend if you are interested in buying a house in the area, it is the way to go.”

"Very knowledgeable about quality of home (way it's built, HVAC, water issues, etc), neighborhood considerations.  Well connected with other realtors.  Professional.  Responsive.  Would highly recommend."

"Best option in DMV area. Once we understood the buyer's agent model, it made complete sense to us."

"Amazing! We recommend Buyer's Edge to anyone who will listen."

"The best!  We have already recommended Buyer's Edge to friends and will continue to do so.  It is a top-notch professional outfit, and our agent (Steve) was perfect.  He looked out for our interests; he brought a wealth of practical knowledge about houses and construction and upkeep; he clearly loves his job so we had a lot of fun (which I wasn't expecting); he said the right thing to keep us as calm and sane as possible throughout the process; and he made the entire search effort and bidding process as easy as possible."

"Real estate agents with deep knowledge of the Washington, DC area and a strong focus on helping you find the right home for you and your family - for as long as you need! They will give you their honest opinion but not pressure you towards any particular option."

"I know, five star reviews are easy to dismiss as over-enthusiastic or inaccurate, but we are finding it difficult to overstate the value of Steve Israel’s assistance with our recent home purchase. We recommend Buyer's Edge without reservation - not only online, but also to our friends, family, and colleagues"

"Buyer’s Edge:
Took the time to understand our needs and desires, and quickly gathered examples of condominiums that met our criteria
Were always promptly responsive and made themselves always available to set appointments and show us units that met our criteria and those that we wanted to see
Had a great feeling for “value” and had an eye for seeing structural and design issues that needed to come to our attention
Opened easy and regular communication channels with sellers’ agents
Helped us develop realistic negotiation strategy that ultimately carried the dayProvided assistance with settlement that greatly eased the process for us." 

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