When current and past clients of Buyer’s Edge are ready to sell their home, they frequently call and ask for "Selling Your Home Tips." 

As Exclusive Buyer’s Agents, we can’t help them sell their home or condo since we represent buyers 100% of the time. However, they still ask our advice since they know we work on a daily basis with some of the best seller’s agents in the area. We want our past buyer/clients to experience the same level of high quality, professional service that our Exclusive Buyer’s Agents gave them when they purchased their home.

Over the years, we’ve come to recognize what makes a good seller’s agent and we offer this insight to our past/buyer clients who seek our advice.

Top Tips For Selecting The Best Top-Rated Listing Agent Video

How to Find a Top-Rated Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home.

1. Interview a minimum of three listing agents and make sure the home is listed in the Multiple List Service.

  • We will always advise using an agent who works for a real estate company with an excellent reputation — an agent who is easily accessible and has good communication skills. With text, email and cell phones there are no excuses why a listing agent shouldn’t be accessible 24/7.

2. Work with a listing agent who has a history of pushing the market price of properties up.

  • Sellers should work with agents that have a pulse on the current real estate market conditions. An excellent listing agent has a history and motivation to consistently raise the bar on the homes and condominiums that they list for sale.

3. Select a listing agent that is a tech savvy marketer.

  • A good listing agent will be gifted in offering advice and direction for staging and creating extraordinary virtual tours. The advertising campaign should involve the state of the art use of social media for today’s tech savvy buyers.

4. Look for an experienced, full-time professional.

  • While listing agents don’t have to have decades of real estate experience to be good agents, they should be honest, experienced and a full time professional. In a multiple bidding war, especially, the listing agent must have enough experience to honestly advise the seller which truly is the best offer, and the most likely to settle on the best overall terms.

5. Choose the listing agent that loves the profession.

  • The best listing agents are those who love what they do. A good listing agent will have an excellent reputation in the real estate community, and be a hard nosed negotiator — one who will always negotiate hard on behalf of their sellers in order to sell their homes on the best possible terms.

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