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In 1992, Steve Carpenter-Israel and his wife, Wendy, established Buyer’s Edge in the Washington, DC metro area. They had a dream of creating a tech-savvy, consumer-oriented real estate company that focused exclusively on the homebuyer. At the time, homebuyers were under-represented in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia. In fact, most homebuyers didn’t know that the traditional real agent at the open house or driving them around in their car to look at houses represented the seller- not the buyer. Believing that this was unfair to the consumer, Steve and Wendy started a buyer brokerage company with dedicated EBAs exclusive buyer’s agents. The Buyer’s Edge exclusive buyer’s agent concept took hold and their company has grown successfully since they first opened their doors.


In 1995, Steve Israel along with a group of exclusive buyer’s agents around the USA created NAEBA National Association of Exclusive Buyer’s Agents. The time had come to level the playing field for homebuyers throughout the country.  As homebuyers became aware of their options, many began to look for EBAs exclusive buyer’s agents when buying a home. They wanted to have a real estate agent working in their best interests throughout the entire home buying process.

Since being established, NAEBA has become an industry group dedicated to supporting EBAs so they provide their buyer/clients with an outstanding consumer-oriented home buying experience. With NAEBA’s industry standard CEBA certification, continuing education, client referral service, advanced technology and information distributing, NAEBA and its members have quickly become the professional standard for Exclusive Buyer Agent excellence. At Buyer’s Edge, our EBAs exclusive buyer's agents are proud that we have been with NAEBA from the start!

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