Victoria Ray Henderson is a licensed Broker in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. She’s earned the Military Relocation Professional designation and works with Veterans, Military personnel, and their families to relocate to the Greater Washington D.C. area.

Twenty years ago, Victoria and her husband Marshall bought their home with Buyer’s Edge. They both appreciated working with Exclusive Buyer Agents and the no dual agency approach to the home buying process. At that time, Victoria was the News Director at DC101. During her 30 year radio & voice over career, Victoria was an on-air talent with several local radio stations.

As a native Washingtonian with a passion for homes and architecture, Victoria felt real estate was a natural second career. She is committed to helping buyers evaluate properties, understand the local markets and refine their home search. Her goal is to make your transaction as smooth as possible. 

Victoria Henderson is a Vice President, Associate Broker and a true exclusive buyers agent. She is one of the most trusted and experienced Realtors in the DC metro area.


“First-time buyer? Or, were you turned off by your last experience with a realtor? You CAN feel safe and supported again by using an "exclusive buyer's agent" (and if you're in the greater DC area, use "Buyer's Edge"! ) Thank goodness a friend referred me to them! We moved to Silver Spring, MD in late 2018 and were ready to buy a house for the first time...I had some trepidation, because from afar, and for many years as a renter, the process of actually buying property had seemed intimidating and fraught with conflicts-of-interest. What I learned is that one CAN avoid those risks and fears (which are for real) - but only by working with a "exclusive buyer's agent" like the husband-wife duo Victorial and Marshall Henderson at Buyer's Edge. They truly represented us, with no hidden allegiances to the seller. They don't work with sellers, at all! They're all about the buyer and fighting for them....

And I could feel that difference -- I felt like I had a true advocate by my side during the week I worked with them both. Some afternoons I went out looking at houses with both of them, and some afternoons I went with Marshall or Vic. They always compared notes or called each other from the field to get input...Marshall has extensive home-repair and carpentry experience, so he can look at a house's "bones" and appliances and look for evidence of water damage. Victoria can do that too, and has wonderful psychological gifts, and I felt she was always really LISTENING to me as we looked at homes, and gradually, without any rushing, she sussed out what I wanted in a house, often before I was conscious of that. They both taught me so much as we went. On our last day together, Vic found a new neighborhood that perfectly fit what I actually wanted in a neighborhood, and together we looked at five houses that were available. Because she had zeroed in so well on what I wanted, any one of the five houses would have been fine, but Vic and Marshall helped us make an offer on my favorite house, and we got it under contract for less than the asking price!

Then they kept working with us -- holding our hands legally, financially and emotionally -- while we went under contract, did the inspection, and all the way through closing. They explained things so well and connected us with reliable and trustworthy inspectors and title companies (while always giving us a choice).

And they've stayed in touch -- suggesting home-care services when we've asked, and even emailing suggestions on fun activities in the area for us or our six-year-old.

I'm now a proud homeowner and a fierce advocate for "exclusive buyer's agents." Don't do this any other way. Learn why journalists like ourselves and skeptical attorneys prefer them too. And walk away from home buying feel protected, served, and welcomed to your new community.”

Client: C

"When buying a home, if you prefer an agent who is working 100% for you, has no loyalties to the seller, agent, or firm, is primarily concerned with finding you the best house and negotiating for the lowest price, who recommends the mortgage company that will work hard to get you the best loan, and recommend home inspectors who will work hard to uncover any hidden issues with the home you purchase, then Buyer's Edge is the only choice to represent you in purchasing Real Estate."

Client: A

"Our agents, Victoria and Marshall, were so incredibly helpful during the my home buying process. I would highly recommend working with them. I liked how they very much act as a team, as each of them brings something different and helpful to the process. We easily looked at 50-100 homes and Victoria and Marshall were so incredibly patient and helpful during the whole process. I'm very glad we worked with them and thankful for their help."

Client: A