Stephen brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through years of renovating properties both overseas and in the U.S.  Raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Stephen moved first to England and then Germany where he continued his education.  While there he began helping friends renovate their apartments and found that he loved working with his hands and had a natural ability to completely change the appearance and function of their small city dwellings.  When he eventually moved to the U.S it was abundantly clear that his new career in the States would have to involve carpentry and renovation.

Stephen has spent the last twenty-five years investing, designing and renovating older homes throughout the DC metro area.  His years of hands-on experience have given him a seasoned eye when it comes to evaluating properties.  When you combine Stephen's level of expertise with his intimate knowledge of the Washington DC metro real estate market, you have a situation that’s a win-win for homebuyers.  "I have always placed my client's interest first and I look forward to delivering a satisfying and personalized home buying experience.

Stephen Mercer has years of residential construction experience. As a true exclusive buyer’s agent in DC, MD, VA, Stephen will help you buy a home every step of the way.


"Our experience with Buyer's Edge was very positive. We had the pleasure of working with Stephen Mercer in the process of seeking our new home. He was very helpful in the process as he clearly possessed a thorough understanding of homes and the specific related to their construction. He was easily able to point out things to us that we should be wary of as well as things that were very good about the different homes we viewed. He also worked very hard to ensure that we got the best possible deal on the house we decided on. He listened closely to all of our thoughts, comments and concerns and made sure they were all addressed. he also clearly walked us through the entire process. This was my first time buying a home and I was very glad to have his help in navigating this process. If we are ever in the market again, we will definitely look up Buyer's Edge again. Thanks again Steve for your help!"

Client: Jed S.

"Stephen Mercer made buying our first home in an unfamiliar city as easy and stress free as I could have imagined. He was exceedingly knowledgeable about every aspect of the process, from evaluating homes through the lens of a contractor to helping with the banking aspect of making the purchase. He never once pressured us to make a decision or hurry the process, and we felt confident that he had our best interest at heart. Lastly, it is worth noting that he always accommodated our schedule requests, which were erratic at best. (We had to make the move in <4 weeks and were doing so from quite a distance away.) Working with Stephen was akin to having a close family member who knows the ins-and-outs of home buying advise you along every steps of the process. I can say without reservation that I would recommend him to anyone in need of a friendly, unbiased, and knowledgable buyer's agent - he was fantastic!"

Client: Kelly and Coursen S. 

"So many things about buying a home are stressful, overwhelming, and scary, especially if it’s the first time. Lucky for us, we had Stephen Mercer to guide us reassuringly through the chaos. Stephen is not only a great real estate agent, but he also understands that the decision to buy a home is an emotional one. He is thorough, smart, patient, and funny. He is discerning and critical while also being supportive and positive. Our search for our first home had a few bumps and snags, but Stephen never doubted that we would find what we were looking for. When we found the perfect house for our growing family, he expertly advised us on how to make the best offer in a very competitive market. The best part about our journey with Stephen was that it didn’t end when we signed the closing documents. He recommended a reliable contractor to do renovations, and he checked in regularly to ensure we were getting what we paid for. He was genuinely interested in making sure we settled in, and he was crucial in helping us navigate a basement flood after a freak storm. Stephen was so much more than our real estate agent. He was our advocate, our mentor, our advisor, and our friend. We wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone buying a home." 

Client: Ethan & Lauren

"We had such a wonderful experience working with Stephen Mercer. Stephen has an incredibly thorough and perceptive eye for detail, noticing so much about the outside and inside of home that, as first-time homebuyers, we would never have considered. With twenty-five years of experience as a contractor, he is uniquely suited to identifying potential problems and also noticing real potential. Stephen’s ideas about remodeling are clever and creative—there were many occasions on which we were amazed that he could think of how to move a countertop or install cabinets in such a way as to make the most of a space. His knowledge of renovation is really impressive, and he is always thinking about the big picture—he guided us through every aspect of the purchase process, from thinking through neighborhoods to closing and moving in. We always felt confident that he was in our corner, working exclusively with buyers and looking out for our best interests—and we can’t imagine finding another realtor who knows as much about home maintenance and remodeling, able to give such expert and detailed advice. Stephen is a generous person, available to show and take the time to really investigate a home—and it really was a pleasure work with him: he is fun to be around and makes the whole process enjoyable. We would recommend him to anyone."

Client: Melanie and Scott

"We came to Stephen Mercer after a disappointing experience with a realtor who was not an exclusive buyer's agent. Stephen's approach was different from the first meeting, throughout the process and even after we bought the house. He was there for us every step of the way. With care, patience and professionalism he helped us navigate the different stages of the process." 

Client: Eyal & Pazit A.

"During the transaction, Stephen learned as much as he could about me and my needs.  I was unfamiliar with the DC market and relied on Stephen’s knowledge of neighborhoods, investment properties, and construction quality.  His best asset was the instinct for and ability to find the right property for me.  Stephen put in long hours reviewing listings to identify those that might be of interest to me.  Furthermore, as a property investor himself, Stephen was able to advise me on good investments. 

Stephen has a number of strengths, including confidence, dependability, patience, and creativity.  He has extensive knowledge of real estate construction, investments, and the DC market.  His main strength, though, is courage.  When the going got tough, Stephen rolled up his sleeves, counseled me, and held the deal together.  I respected his opinions, knowledge, and intuition and closed a difficult deal under tight deadlines.  I now have a wonderful home in a great neighborhood, a successful rental property, and a good friend."

Client: Laura H.