Buying a home is one of the biggest investments of a lifetime. It just makes sense to have your own representation—find a skilled Realtor and buyers advocate who is 100% in your corner to evaluate homes with professional insight, and provide the service and the protection you deserve when buying a home.

That is exactly what you get with a Buyer’s Edge Exclusive Buyer's Agent.

  • We represent people, never properties.

  • We are the area’s oldest and largest exclusive buyer brokerage firm and charter member of NAEBA (National Association of Exclusive Buyer's Agents).

  • Our real estate agents bring full representation to homebuyers in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and the Baltimore region.

  • All buyers receive custom, high quality service from our buyer brokerage realtors regardless if they are first time homebuyers or high-end luxury clients.

  • Our sole purpose is to get our client, the homebuyer, the best house, at the best price on the best terms.

Meet the Exclusive Buyer's Agents at Buyer's Edge in VA DC MD.

True Buyer’s Agents Unparalleled Work Ethic for Washington, DC Metro Area Homebuyers

Our buyer’s agents, are all licensed in DC, MD & VA. They are full-time professional men and women who live, work, and play in the very neighborhoods you want to explore. They employ today’s best practices, and are creative problem-solvers. These specialists are true to their buyers and always advocate for the best partnerships with lenders, title companies, and home inspectors. You can rely upon their sage advice to guide and pamper you through the entire process. Our exclusive buyer’s agents are responsive communicators, knowledgeable, ethical, reputable, smart, upbeat, protective, and ceaseless in their efforts when working for the homebuyer. Their solid expertise, unparalleled work ethic, and hard-nosed research translate into concrete gains for the homebuyer at the negotiating table.

What Makes Buyer’s Edge Home Buying Experience Different.

  • We do not accept listings, so we never have the conflict other real estate firms have when they represent both buyers and sellers.

  • We do not disclose a client’s financial information until the terms of the contract are agreed upon.

  • We do the research that gives you the bargaining edge.

Exclusive Buyer's Agents Work For You - Never Sellers.

  • We have one client, and only one client —the buyer.

  • We find out what a seller paid for a property and when it was purchased.

  • We find out how long the property has been on the market.

  • We find out the original list price and how many times the price has been reduced.

  • We can show you every available property, including MLS listings, “For Sale By Owner” Properties, Foreclosures and New Homes.

  • We will always recommend a complete, professional home inspection.

  • We maintain a referral network that can help you find a home anywhere in the country.

We Stay With You Every Step of the Way.

Our Agency Relationship With You Never Changes No Matter What Home You Decide to Buy.

  • We begin with the most sophisticated MLS Listing Search available.

  • We help with financing decisions and loan pre-approvals.

  • We advise on negotiating strategy and bargain hard to get you the best price and best terms.

  • We stick with you during inspections, settlement, contractor support, move in and more.

We Offer A Choice on How We Get Paid.

  • Buyer’s Edge clients/real estate buyers are not required to pay upfront fees.

  • We do not accept bonuses or increased cooperative commissions from Sellers or listing Brokers offered to entice us to sell their homes.

  • Buyer’s Edge clients decide how we are paid—with options designed to fit the Buyer’s needs.

  • Every Buyer’s Edge contract contains an “easy-out” termination clause.