Ellen J. Martin, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Writes that DC Real Estate Broker, Stephen Carpenter-Israel, is a Committed Consumer Advocate

This Spring, Stephen Carpenter-Israel, President and Broker of Buyer’s Edge, had the opportunity to help Ellen J. Martin’s son and his spouse buy their first home together. Steve has known Ellen as a nationally syndicated columnist who exposes the problematic financial and lifestyle concerns facing anyone buying, selling or financing a home, for over twenty years. Ellen has interviewed Steve many times over the years to obtain his opinion for stories on various real estate issues. Her articles and columns have appeared in Money, Self, Success, Fortune, Venture, Baltimore Sun, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and Philadelphia Inquirer.

Though Ellen Martin has known Steve for years, she had never personally worked with Steve when purchasing a home. She referred the newlyweds to Steve after they had reached out to her and were looking to hire a new real estate broker. They had briefly worked with a buyer’s agent in a large, traditional real estate company.

Over the course of a few months, Steve helped the couple find a perfect condo in the Washington, DC metro area. They were happy that they made the switch and believed that they benefited from the single-focused business model of Buyer’s Edge real estate. They appreciated the experience, availability, knowledge, protection, no conflicts-of-interest and hard-nosed negotiation skills of Stephen Carpenter-Israel. During this time, Ellen also had the opportunity to tag along on and see the significant benefits of working with an exclusive buyer’s agent in the complicated home buying process.

So with everyone’s permission, we have included the phenomenal recommendation that Ellen J. Martin wrote on Facebook after her son’s closing. At Buyer’s Edge, it means a lot to us that Ms. Martin has written so highly of her family’s experience. With her breath and depth of knowledge of the personal and financial issues involved in the home buying process, her review seems to validate our decision 28 years ago when we founded Buyer’s Edge to work with homebuyers 100% of the time. We simply love what we do.

Hello Potential Buyer’s Edge clients!

I have known about the Buyer’s Edge for more than 20 years! Why? Because I do a national column on real estate for newspapers across the U.S. and have interviewed Steve Carpenter-Israel many times! The depth of his knowledge has always impressed me. He is truly a very committed consumer advocate with a deep knowledge of real estate markets. So when my son recently decided to purchase a Washington area condo, I turned immediately to Steve to represent him in the search and purchase!

What sets Steve and his colleagues apart from the multitude of agents across the area is that he is totally dedicated to the buyers’ interests. He takes an in-depth interest in the buyers’ priorities and then uses the best technology to search for the available properties in the desired area. Once the buyers have developed a short list of finalist properties, he uses his incisive analytical tools to compare and contrast potential options. This analysis covers both the relative value of the property — compared with comparable sales — and the quality of the structure of the home itself. At the conclusion of this process, the buyers can be certain that they have made the best possible selection and have not overpaid.

In the case of my son, Steve’s work resulted in a very positive outcome. He and his partner are thrilled with the condo they selected in NW Washington and they are certain the price they paid was fair and that the terms of the transaction best served their interests.

In summary, Steve and his colleagues at the Buyer’s Edge are nothing short of brilliant! I have no hesitation to recommend them very highly.
— Ellen J. Martin - Nationally Syndicated Real Estate and Financial Columnist