#1 Best Kept Secret for Selling Your Home Fast

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Every day houses for sale in the Washington, DC metro area and Baltimore, MD region are imputed into MLS online. Preparing a home for sale in VA, DC, MD can be a momentous task both for sellers and listing agents, especially if they want to make it picture perfect. After all, home sellers and their listing agent’s objective is to get the highest price at the best possible terms for the property. As the listing agent and listing broker, they have a contractual fiduciary relationship with their seller/clients.

There’s a lot of information written about all the prep work that needs to be completed before a home hits the market. Most sellers paint their homes inside and out, replace tired carpet and wash windows until they sparkle. They plant flowers outside and spruce up the exterior curb appeal. Closets and kitchen drawers are cleaned, de-cluttered and downsized. Sterling silver candlesticks, heirloom jewelry, expensive china figurines and personal photos of Great Aunt Frinks are put away.  Lastly, many homes are staged to give them that glamorous, generic look that seems to really “trick” homebuyers according to numerous studies.

As Exclusive Buyer’s Agents, we don’t let our homebuyers get “tricked” by staging. However, we do know what items are deal busters for many of buyers in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. 

Here’s the #1 Best Kept Secret for Selling your Home Fast That is Often Overlooked by Listing Agents and Sellers in DC, MD, VA.

#1 Hire a Professional to Wash the Roof

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Sellers shampoo carpets and power wash decks before their house is put on the real estate market, so why do so many sellers fail to wash their roofs Don’t do it!  It’s so easy and it actually works. If your roof is dirty don’t throw away money because it looks like it is on its last legs. Homebuyers are fixated with the condition of a home’s roof, since it ‘s such a big-ticket item.

A home inspector will give homebuyers the actual lowdown on the roof condition, but don’t let a dirty roof discourage qualified buyers from making offers. If sellers make the roof look fresh and new, it’s one less thing buyers have to do when they move in. It’s a win-win for everyone. It doesn’t cost sellers that much and it adds to the total “dream house package.”

Cleaning the roof before resale is clearly a no-brainer. Victor Fedoseyev with RoofCleanBright.com explains, “The results are simply amazing for most homeowners. Customers find that our eco-friendly, biodegradable roof cleaning removes ugly stains caused by algae, lichen, moss and fungus.”

I love these Before and After Photos, don't you?

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Do you want to sell your home fast?

Now you tell me sellers, which house would you like to buy?

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Simple Home Decor with the Buyer’s Edge - Origami Crane

By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

March 18, 2012

 Simple Home Decor with the Buyer’s Edge

Origami Bowl full of peace own.jpg


 A crystal bowl full of white origami cranes sitting on a foyer or coffee table is a simple way to add a special touch to any room in your home. One of the most famous origami designs is the Japanese crane. The Japanese word origami comes from two words (“ori”, meaning to fold, and “kami”, meaning paper.) Like many things in Japanese culture, origami has its origins in China. The earliest records of origami in Japan date back to 794 – 1185 in the Heian Period. During this golden age paper was a rare commodity, so origami was a pastime of the affluent upper classes and the nobility. It wasn’t until the Edo Period (1600-1868) that it became popular with the common and merchant classes. By the mid-19th century, 70 or more different designs have been created and become widely used.

As a result of this rich history, the crane design is considered auspicious in Japanese culture. The crane is a symbol of honor, peace, courage, and loyalty. It is a majestic, graceful bird which mates for life and is an extremely loyal partner. Legend says that anyone who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted his or her greatest wish.

The origami crane has become an international symbol of peace because of this legend and the story of Sadako Sasaki. As an infant, Sadako was exposed to radiation when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. At age 11, she was diagnosed with Leukemia and told that her prognosis was poor and that she did not have long to live. The story goes that her best friend shared the old Japanese legend of folding 1,000 cranes with her.

Hearing about the legend, Sadako decided to fold 1000 cranes so she could live. However, when she saw other children in the hospital with Leukemia dying, she realized that she was not going to survive and instead wished for world peace. Unfortunately, Sadako died in her sleep when she was 12 after completing 644 cranes.

After her death, her friends decided to complete the 356 remaining paper cranes. Sadako was buried with these 1000 paper cranes to honor her dream of world peace.

 Her story of courage and compassion inspired her peers and family friends to create a large granite statue of Sadako Sasaki in the middle of the Hiroshima Peace Park. The statue depicts a girl standing with her arms open wide with a paper crane flying from her fingertips. Every day the memorial is said to be covered with paper cranes in the hope of world peace.

This is why when I see a bowl full of simple, white cranes sitting on a table in my home, I think of peace, hope, courage, love, and loyalty. Origami cranes are relatively easy to make or they can be  ordered online already folded and ready to use. Go ahead pull out a crystal bowl and fill it up with beautiful, peaceful cranes.