What is a True Exclusive Buyer's Agent? Find Out From a Buyer's Edge Client

How to find a True Buyer’s Agent that does more than open the door?

What is a true, exclusive buyer’s agent? It’s a Realtor who chooses to work with an exclusive buyer’s brokerage real estate company, like Buyer’s Edge in the Washington, DC metro area. Buyer’s Edge agents never work for sellers or takes real estate listings. An agent that truly understands the benefits of a single focus real estate business model. A model that eliminates the inherent conflicts of interest found with most traditional real estate companies that work on both sides of the deal.

Buyer’s Edge agents are the most experienced buyer’s agents home buyers can hire to truly represent them throughout the entire process. All of their real estate expertise, has been built around working with and protecting the best interests of their only clients - the home buyer. They are never the least experienced peon on a power listing team or the rookie agent starting out in a traditional firm.

Victoria and Marshall Henderson, Vice President, Associate Broker and Exclusive Buyer’s Agents with Buyer’s Edge, recently received an excellent, unsolicited recommendation from a past client. Perhaps one of the best ways to understand how a true buyer’s agent can make a difference in the home buying process, is to read what is was like work to with superior, experienced Exclusive Buyer’s Agent.


“---OVERALL--- For months, I have been putting off writing this review, because I could not think of how I could express strongly enough how happy we were with Marshall and Victoria Henderson. But as time goes on and we settle into our home, I am even more grateful looking back. We were first-time homebuyers with a baby on the way, and were totally intimidated by the process. Victoria and Marshall are straight-talkers, but they also validated our feelings (they're just kind people). I am a planner and a worrier, so normally I have to be on top of every little detail to feel comfortable. With Victoria and Marshall, I literally just put it in their hands. They did everything. I didn't have to spend hours late at night scouring the internet for home buying pitfalls or information on warranties or neighborhoods. Whenever we had to do something, Victoria and Marshall let us know at that time. It was totally stress-free. They also made sure they were available whenever we needed them, especially once we made an offer on a house.

---FINDING HOUSES--- Victoria and Marshall got to know us and what we were looking for. They then recommended houses of different styles in different neighborhoods, including ones that were not yet publicly listed. We also had access to a database where we could search on our own.

---TOURING HOUSES--- Marshall was an invaluable resource for touring houses. He has years of experience as a contractor, so he knows exactly what to look for concerning red flags (although he is modest and insists that only the official inspector can say for sure). For example, he looked at a sliding door and said that it could be dangerous because the paint likely contained lead, and the sliding creates friction that can sand the paint and put lead in the air.

---MAKING AN OFFER AND NEGOTIATING--- We made a pretty lowball offer on a dream house that was way out of our league, just to get some practice. Victoria gave us expert negotiating advice, but always maintained that it was our decision. She never pressured us into doing anything; she wanted us to be 100% comfortable. It was clear that Marshall and Victoria were clear fiduciaries looking out for our best interests alone. After several back-and-forths, the seller agreed to a price within our budget. We never expected to be living in the house that we are living in.

---FINANCING--- Victoria and Marshall recommended a mortgage broker who was lightning fast in pulling up estimates for us during the negotiation process. We also got a lower interest rate than we could find anywhere else. And Victoria, Marshall, and Kevin all talked to each other; so we didn't feel like we had to herd the various parties.

---CLOSING PROCESS--- Victoria and Marshall also put us in contact with home inspectors, and we were thrilled with the one we chose. They then helped us to negotiate repairs with the seller, as well as get the seller to buy a home warranty. And they worked with the settlement company, so that again, we did not have to be the go-between for the various parties. Everything was smooth and well-orchestrated.

PS: I noticed that Buyer's Edge has a ton of five-star reviews, which sometimes makes me suspicious. They never once asked me to write a positive review or provided any sort of incentive for doing so. I hate when businesses do that.”

With permission from Kelsey K.

Thank you!