How to Set Up a Lovely Guest Room? Use the Buyer's Edge Guest Room Checklist

As an exclusive buyer brokerage real estate company in the Washington, DC metro area, our buyer’s agents find that most of our homebuyers are looking for an extra bedroom for houseguests when buying a home or condo. With the holidays fast approaching, many of our clients who recently have purchased their new homes are scrambling to create that warm, welcoming guest room for their dear friends and family. How do you set a great guest room up seamlessly?

The key to creating a peaceful retreat for houseguests is to design a bedroom that will give your guests that luxury, hotel experience. Go ahead and pamper them. Make them feel welcomed and loved. Think about all the details and then go the extra step and personalize them for all your guests.

No need to panic if you’re running out of time. Homeowners don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Many other folks have spent a great deal of time thinking about this. If you Google “guest room ideas”, “guest room checklist” or “how to make a guest room comfortable”, you will find more than enough information to quickly get your guest room put together.

 Is it overwhelming? Maybe for some, but don’t let it be. Just use the Buyer’s Edge Guest Room Checklist and let your “fingers do the walking.” Most items on our guest room checklist can be purchased online.

Start by using the Buyer’s Edge Guest Room Checklist. Then divide the task into 5 separate categories.

They are:

  • BED






The bed should be large and comfortable. Make it a queen or a king sized mattress. Would you want to sleep in a twin bed on vacation? Sheets should have a high thread count. Pillows should be fluffy and new. Make sure your guests have extra blankets/coverlets.


Remember, it’s all in the details. It’s important to get the nightstand just right. Make sure there’s a good reading light, alarm clock, note pad and pen, tissues, flashlight and a small silver tray to put things in on top of the nightstand. Under it, place a wastebasket for easy access.


Another area that will make your guest feel especially pampered is in the guest bathroom. Stock it with luxury products. Remember, it can be stressful to travel during peak holidays times. Consider providing high-end shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream, first aid kit, blow dryer, hot rollers, flat iron, and curling iron. Some guests are uncomfortable using soap that they didn’t open themselves, so have a new, unwrapped bar of soap available. Another option is to have liquid body wash in the shower. Make sure there are also extra towels on hand and feminine hygiene products available.

The next two categories are ultimately the most fun to create and can be personalized. Just think, “how crazy and pampered do I want to make my family and friends feel when they stay with me?” I hope you say, “5-Star Pampered Poodle Crazy!’ Make them laugh out loud at all the details you thought about to ensure that they are comfortable while staying in your home.


First, put together the Guest Basket. It should be filled with all the things that they may have left behind. Oh, you know, toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, Q-Tips, hair ties, hand lotion, perfume, safety pins and shower cap. I also like to provide bottled water and a pair of mesh body sponges in this basket. It’s also fun to have home facial treatment masks and tooth whitening strips to allow your guests to have a mini-spa retreat.



Last, but not least, is the final Extras category. I like to think these small details enable your guests to truly relax when they retreat to their luxurious room. “Ah, my home away from home.” Give them that warm, cozy and tranquil feeling.

Some of my favorite “extras” are a vase full of fresh flowers, delicious chocolates, guest slippers, clothes steamer, scented candle, personalized framed photo by the bed, luggage rack and laundry basket. Don’t worry, the complete list is found on the Buyer’s Edge Guest Room Checklist.

When family and dear friends go out of their way to visit you during the year, it’s nice to thank them by going all out by making their stay over-the-top from start to finish. It is time well spent and truly appreciated! Enjoy!