Best Home Services and Contractors List in DC, MD, VA

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Recommended Home Services and

Contractor List

Home service providers and contractors can't "buy" their way onto the Buyer's Edge Contractor List. 

The only way their names are found on our list is if they have been referred by one of our exclusive buyer's agents, home buying clients, a trusted home services resource or another real estate professional. 

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At Buyer's Edge, we need your help to update and continue to expand our list of qualified contractors. Take a look at the list we currently have on our website.

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Why Do We Have this Best Contractor's List?

Our exclusive buyer's agents don't just stop our service with the purchase of your new home. Making a house a home means getting superior service and high-quality craftsmanship from service agencies and contractors who you can trust to make your home the best it can be. 

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Businesses are found on our Buyer's Edge Recommend Home Services and Contractor List because of their quality, integrity, price, and value. In order to continue to produce a better list for all our clients, we need your valuable input. 

Here's How You Can Help Buyer's Edge Update Their Recommended Home Services and Contractor List

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If you'd like to participate, send an email with "Buyer's Edge Contractor List" in the subject line. Then share the contact information of any plumber, electrician, window washer, architect, etc that you would like to recommend in the Washington, DC Metro area and Baltimore, MD region. If you don't have a favorite contractor, feel free to use and share our list with friends and family.