Sue Israel's Art Transforms the New Offices of Buyer's Edge

Art by Sue Israel

Art by Sue Israel

Last year when Buyer’s Edge moved to our new location in the Washington, DC metro area, we decided to create an office environment that reflected our positive, innovative and creative spirit.  Since our buyer brokerage firm offers homebuyers a bright alternative when buying a home, we wanted our new office space to mirror that upbeat opportunity. Buyer’s Edge has never been a traditional real estate company, so we had no desire for our offices to look like one.

OWN Buyers Edge Office at work OWN Real Estate Logo from Phone..jpg

Since our buyer’s agents represent homebuyers 100% of the time, we hoped to design an office that was eye-catching, sleek and modern. The corporate offices of UberYelp, Pinterest and other high-tech start-ups on the West coast became our inspiration. The moment that our clients walk through our front doors, we wanted them to feel that they were going to have a completely different real estate experience. Equally as important, Buyer’s Edge also believed that it was imperative that their exclusive buyer's agents had an exciting, productive, high-tech and happy environment to work in.

Our team at Buyer’s Edge achieved most of these design goals in the new space. We may be missing a few hip West coast office amenities like tracks, cocktail bars, yoga rooms, basketball hoops, ping pong tables and massage chairs, but we did add something that most of these offices don’t have. We added big, bold, colorful original pieces of artwork by artist, Sue Israel.  We literally built the space around her bright, creative pieces.

New Office Steve's Desk Headon.jpg

During the original office design planning stages, we just couldn’t comprehend how most of the offices' designs on the West coast did not incorporate one piece of original, contemporary artwork on their walls.  This seemed strange for such imaginative, ingenious high-tech companies.

Buyer’s Edge wanted to make an imaginative, bold statement so we hired Sue Israel to take on the challenge. Israel, who originally comes from the Washington, DC area, focuses on custom painting that enriches interior spaces with the goal of boosting business success. Israel’s bold colors delight and inspire. Her work has been commissioned by well know corporations and celebrities. Sue also creates custom paintings for homeowners and designers. For Buyer’s Edge, she was a perfect fit.


Victoria Henderson, Vice President with Buyer’s Edge, summarized it perfectly when she stated in a recent Press Release that, “We want buyers to see a bright alternative to the traditional real estate firm.  Sue Israel’s paintings really set the mood and brought it all together. They unify the space while conveying a message that is upbeat, creative and inviting. Our clients instantly know that we are not like anyone else.”