Such a Cool Perspective when Home Buyers Become Home Sellers

See What Seller Writes After Their Home is Shown By Buyer's Edge

Steve Carpenter-Israel, President of Buyer’s Edge, received this incredible letter from past clients who recently put their house on the market in Bethesda, MD. With wonderful job opportunities out West, the clients plan to leave the area after school finishes in June.


 Steve -

Often, by the time I finish walking the dog, agent and buyers are gone. But today, when I returned they were in the basement. I

I was home this morning to take the dog for a walk while an agent showed our house. I do this a lot these days. 
here the agent evaluating the systems and talking about the sump pump. Then they went upstairs, and I noticed them taking time in every room to get beyond a mere first impression. 

Something felt qualitatively different from other showings of which I have overheard the tail-end. I sat in the kitchen fighting off the urge to tell the Buyer's, unsolicited, that they were fortunate to be working with such a good agent. Instead, when everyone came downstairs, I merely offered to answer any questions and thanked them for coming. 

The agent then took the buyers on a complete tour of the exterior of the property, and they all stood in the driveway talking for a bit. I turned off the lights and got ready to meet Sara and the kids at the park. 

The whole experience made more sense when I grabbed the agent's card on my way out the door. I should have realized it would be one of your colleagues. After all, you thoroughly evaluated each house we saw, paused to explain things we wouldn't have noticed, and steered us well into this house, which really is great. (We wish
y'all wanted to come to Madison with us to find the right house there.)

I hope your Exclusive Buyer's Agent's clients liked the house and that they appreciate her and the rest of your team. 



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