What is an Exclusive Buyer's Agents?

More and More Homebuyers Believe Working with an

Exclusive Buyer's Agent is the Right Way to Buy a Home

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Buyer's Edge Company, Inc. has been challenging the real estate industry status quo for over twenty-four years in the Washington, DC metro area. As exclusive buyer's agents, we believe in doing real estate differently. We believe that consumers have a right to unconditional protection and loyalty throughout the entire home buying process. A buyer shouldn't have to buy a home from a real estate company that represents both sides of the real estate transaction.


This enormous conflict of interest was one the main motivating factors when Stephen Carpenter-Israel and his wife, Wendy, founded their unique real estate company in 1992. At Buyer's Edge, we knew that there had to be a better way to help consumers buy a home or condominium. All homebuyers deserve to be treated fairly and honestly. We dreamed that if we did it the right way, we could protect our client's best interests and help them purchase a home at the best possible price, terms and conditions.

Challenging the status quo with this clear-cut, single, focus agency relationship has convinced many educated homebuyers that working with an exclusive buyer's agent when buying a home is the only way to go. Consumers now have a choice when buying a home in DC, MD, VA. At the Buyer's Edge, we're all exclusive buyer's agents who believe in the mission of our buyer brokerage real estate company. We like to think of ourselves as home buying consultants. Our exclusive buyer's agents are not salespeople. We never list properties, so our buyer's agents have nothing to sell and no sellers who we are beholden to.  Over the years, we have changed the way people buy homes in this area. Consumers now have a clear choice, employing a Realtor who really works for them, without any conflicts.

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Stephen Mercer, exclusive buyer's agent with Buyer's Edge, recently worked with a terrific couple. Mark and Lisa, who when they moved into their new home, wrote a wonderful email to Stephen. They explained that they made a conscious, educated decision in the beginning of their search to seek out and work with an exclusive buyer's agent when buying their home. With Mark and Lisa's permission, please read below what they had to say about their whole home buying experience and how working with an exclusive buyer's agent, like Stephen Mercer, made all the difference.


From my recent experience in preparing to buy a home, it seemed as if all of the rules of real estate were stacked in the seller's favor.   The more I educated myself, the more I was convinced that trusting an agent would be an issue, and that I would have to be on guard against divulging too much information to the person who was supposedly on my side. Then I read about exclusive buyers agency. The buyers agent has a fiduciary duty to keep my information confidential. That meant I truly had an advocate I could trust, and that makes a huge difference.

Buying a home is difficult enough without having these additional concerns. I appreciated having an agent that would not try to steer me towards properties listed with their firms, or towards properties that were unobtainable given my resources. My agent worked within my budget and let me decide on the properties to tour without any undue influence. Most importantly, I enjoyed the greater peace of mind knowing that my agent was truly on my side. I wholeheartedly recommend the exclusive buyer agency process, and publicly thank Stephen Mercer for his guidance, expertise, and patience in helping us obtain our new home.

Mark B. & Lisa Z.

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At Buyer's Edge, we believe that the home buying process should be a joyful journey. Not only is a home one of the largest investments that most people will ever make, it's also a place where you should feel safe and sound. For many, home is where all love and joy begins. It's a sanctuary that you share with the ones you love, but it's also a place where you welcome friends and family. 

We like to think that our homeowners nurture and care for their properties that we helped them find. Whether our clients live in their new home for a few years or for many decades, we know that they will leave their imprint on them. When it's time to leave, they will then pass their home onto another homebuyer who will love and cherish the home as much as they have. Recycle, renew and reuse... It's what our exclusive buyer's agents call the ripple effect of real estate.

At Buyer's Edge, we love what we do.

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