Can't Imagine What Your Buyer's Agent Did in Their Past Life. Ask this 1 Question!


Ever Wonder What Your Exclusive Buyer's Agent Did in Their Past Life?

Recently, Victoria Ray-Henderson, an Associate Broker and Exclusive Buyer's Agent with Buyer's Edge, wrote a fun blog about her life before she started working for home buyers in Washington, DC , Maryland and Virginia. It was interesting to learn about Victoria's career as a radio announcer and how she still incorporates her past with her current work. Listen to any of the amazing videos about neighborhoods and communities in the Washington, DC metro area that the Hendersons have created and you will enjoy listening to Victoria smooth, silver-lined voice. It's apparent that Victoria and her husband, Marshall Henderson, love consulting with homebuyers as they navigate the complicated and exciting home buying process.  

The Hendersons were introduced to the home buying services of Buyer's Edge many years back when they were in the process of buying a home for their family. Without this positive buyer brokerage experience, they may have never become Realtors. Being reminded of this wonderful connection made me want to share the "past life" of Steve Carpenter-Israel, President and Broker of Buyer's Edge.

We asked Steve: What career did you have in your past life? What sets you apart from other buyer’s agent in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia?

"Many have strange paths through their careers – hopefully leading to that allusive zen-like work/life balance.

Mine is so easy to see in retrospect, how I ended up loving what I do more than I really ever thought possible.

Paperboy and grass-cutter, appraisal researcher and mapmaker, young entrepreneur and disco waiter, sporting goods salesman and furniture maker, construction project manager and builder. In the midst of all that I somehow thought it was a good idea to get my real estate license when I was 18 years old. Never really used it until I became one of the country’s first exclusive buyer’s brokers at 33 years old.

Makes perfectly good sense to me now.

I love the city and houses, the outdoors and fine craftsmanship, helping people find a perfect fit and helping young buyers understand the intrinsic value in better homes/lots and locations.

I’m one of the Lucky ones."



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