29 Photos from Alexandria, Virginia that Prove Selecting Exterior Paint Colors for the Home can be a Snap

Luxury Homes in Alexandria, VA

Luxury Homes in Alexandria, VA

For most new homeowners, selecting exterior paint colors for their home can be a daunting process. Steve Carpenter-Israel, President and exclusive buyer’s broker of Buyer’s Edge in the Washington, DC metro area says, “For many of my buyer clients after an exhaustive home search, they’re fully aware that the exterior colors of a property is the making or breaking of a home’s curb appeal.”  Not only is it an expensive undertaking for the majority of folks, it’s a commitment that they have to be live with for many years to come.  

Steve recalls an occasion when he was working with terrific homebuyers who had been referred to him. He remembers that ”These buyer clients almost didn’t put in an offer to buy their “dream home” because the exterior paint colors were so off-putting. The sellers must have been going for the subtle yellow found in Boston Cream Pie, but unfortunately ended up with a garish, lemonade yellow on the exterior of their home. As a result, the house had been on the market for months.”  The wrong decision by the sellers turned out to be a great one for the buyers who went ahead and bought the home at a reduced price and with no competition.  These great buyers moved in, repainted the house and increased the home’s curb appeal tenfold.

So What are the 5 TOP Tips to Picking the Best Exterior Paint Color?

Tip#1 Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery

Get on Pinterest and Houzz.com and start searching exterior paint schemes. Save what you like.  Many times the actual paint color names are shared or guessed by Designers.

Jump in the car, hop on a bike, take a walk and explore your new neighborhood for the perfect exterior paint combination. Heck, go out and search as many neighborhoods as you like. Take pictures of the color combinations on the homes and row houses that float your boat.

Ask a friend or a listing real estate agent. They may have the perfect paint combo and are willing to share the actual names of the colors with you.

If you live anywhere near Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, I highly recommend touring their lovely streets. The variety of gorgeous color combinations found on the homes in a few short blocks is astounding.  If you don’t live close by, take a look at this short video of homes in Alexandria, VA created by Buyers’ Edge to quickly capture the extraordinary exterior paint colors. You may not need to look any further!

Tip #2 Use the Three Color+ Rule for 5 Star Curb Appeal

Homes and townhouses look better when they are painted with 3 or more colors.  After narrowing down your favorite exterior paint colors, head to the paint store. Please don’t forget to keep your neighbors happy.

Tip #3 Use Paint Manufacture's Recommended Color Combinations

Go on-line, order or pick up brochures with the recommended combination of colors for home exteriors from high-quality paint companies. Check out Consumer Reports when in doubt what paint brands truly offer the best quality,

Tip#4 Be Aware When There's No Plan B

When making final color selections watch for things that are not likely to change at your home. Consider the effects of bricks, mortar, bright sun, shady trees, lush green landscaping and accent features like black iron fences. Your favorite exterior paint color combo found on a home in another neighborhood may be washed out or totally wrong if they were to be painted on your home.

Tip#5 Work with a Professional When in Doubt

Don’t be afraid to work with a Designer or a color specialist at the paint store. They do this every day and most of them are very good at it. 

Go out and have a blast selecting the perfect exterior paint color for your own House Beautiful. The concept of a “Traditional” home is changing. With so many colors available, educated, tech-savvy consumers are braver when it comes to the ultimate decision of their home’s curb appeal than ever before.