What's Important to Buyer's Edge Clients When Selecting an Agent?

What's Important to Our Clients When Selecting an Agent?

In an effort to continue to provide leading Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Services, Buyer's Edge conducted a survey of our clients in 2017. Though our objective was to find out what we were doing right and how we could better serve our clients, it also provided our team with insight into what qualities matter most to homebuyers when picking an agent.

So what did we learn?

When selecting an agent, key factors for our clients were:

  • Finding an agent they could trust to protect their interests...

  • ...that had deep knowledge of the home buying and negotiation process...

  • ...who was well positioned to offer them deep local knowledge...

  • ...and responsive client service

98% Client Satisfaction

In 2017, we were pleased to learn that 98% of our clients surveyed were satisfied with their home buying experience.

Moreover, we found that Buyer’s Edge's Net Promoter Score of 94...

...was on par with some of the world’s leading brands...

...and far above real estate averages 

See here for more info on Net Promoter Score (NPS).

OWN Buyer's Edge Real estate DC, MD, VA NPS Score vs. Benchmarks

What does this mean for our Exclusive Buyer's Agent Model? 

EBA status wasn't the first thing our clients considered... However, our unbiased representation allows us to better protect our clients' interests.

In particular, our clients cited: 

  • Our team’s expertise, style, and responsiveness...

  • ...and that exclusivity helped foster a relationship of trust

We also learned that our buyer-centric philosophy boosts our clients’ confidence in recommending us to friends, family, and co-workers going forward. Greater than 75% of our clients in the past 2-3 years have recommended us two or more times.

Ultimately, the Buyer’s Edge experience is about loyal, friendly & responsive representation and education that helps our clients “find the right home." We love what we do every day because of clients like you. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Or check out the full

Buyer’s Edge Home Buying Process & Client Feedback Survey here.