Easy Peasy - How to Make Hummingbird Food with Sugar and Water

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It's not too late to enjoy hummingbirds in your DC, MD, VA backyards or balconies this summer. Don't be afraid that if you feed them late into the season, they will delay their migration south. This just won't happen. In fact, you can feed hummingbirds as long as they keep coming by to eat. These little birds have such a strong biological clock that nothing will allow them to delay their long flight home when the time has come to do so. With your help, they will be "fat and happy" and better prepared to make their arduous journey over the Gulf of Mexico.


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Here's the Easy Recipe:

Hummingbird Food

4 Parts Water

1 Part Sugar

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Stir and Dissolve Sugar into Boiling Water

Cool Mixture and Pour into Hummingbird Feeder

So Easy! Enjoy!! Watch the Video.