Flipping Houses Buyer Beware: Picture-Perfect Home Can Become the Nightmare on Elm Street

Buyer Beware - Flipped Homes Can Be a

Homebuyer's Worst Nightmare

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Stephen Carpenter-Israel, President and Real Estate Broker of Buyer's Edge Washington, DC, MD, VA, warns homebuyers of the potential pitfalls of buying a "picture-perfect flipped home" without doing your homework in this CNBC article by Diana Olick.

After you have finished reading Ms. Olick's article, please take a look at CNBC's informative video on how to buy a home that has been flipped. At 2:15 minutes into the TV broadcast, Stephen Israel shares his


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Diana Olick reports on why home buyers should do their homework on a "flipped" house before buying it.  See Stephen Carpenter-Israel with Diana Orlick with CNBC at 2:15 mark

 See Stephen Carpenter-Israel with Diana Orlick with CNBC at 2:15 mark. 


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