Picture Perfect Home For Sale Has a Titanic Moment


Buyer’s Edge Real Deal of the Week – Picture Perfect Home Has a Titanic Moment

 Victoria and Marshall Henderson are Exclusive Buyer’s Agent with the Buyer’s Edge. As a husband and wife team, they are fully committed to Home Buyers 100% of the time in MD, VA, and DC. A past client said, “I certainly recommend the Hendersons for their experience, dual viewpoints, honest values and no-pressure home buying experience.”



This week’s Buyer’s Edge Deal is a perfect example of their honesty, dedication and no-pressure approach. Marshall and Victoria were working with a young couple who were First Time Home Buyers. After an extensive search, they found a gorgeous home in Kensington, MD that had been renovated to perfection. That is, everything appeared to have been renovated beautifully. There were high-quality cabinets in the new kitchen. The small home had been opened up with a vaulted ceiling great room. The fireplace had a marble surround and the new bathroom was lovely. After some tough negotiations, a contract for the property was ratified and the happy couple was looking forward to the home inspection that the Hendersons recommended.

Since everything appeared to be top notch, Victoria, Marshall, and the couple thought the home inspection process would be completed without a hitch. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before the expert, home inspector found that there were some serious problems with the renovation. There were a few of the major problems found in the home inspection:

1. Improper ventilation for the gas-powered furnace and water heater
2. Electric panel had the wrong circuit breakers and they didn’t match the box that was installed
3. Water pressure to the new bathroom was non-existent
4. Large pools of water were found in the crawl space underneath the home
5. The framing of the new faulted ceiling was questionable (Could the roof handle the first heavy snow?)
6. Marshall checked with the county and found no record of permits being pulled for most of the construction

Victoria commented that “It was heartbreaking to see this young couple go from measuring windows for new curtains to sitting on the staging couch and just staring. But as disappointing as this home inspection was it’s not as awful as having our clients buy this home.” With the full support and guidance of the Henderson Team, the Home Buyers did get out of the contract and are currently looking for another home that is beautiful, safe and fully functional.