Located just northwest of the city limits of Washington, DC, Bethesda has built a reputation as one the country’s most affluent and highly educated regions and there are many luxury homes for sale in Bethesda MD. In fact, Forbes lists Bethesda as the most educated town in the country and CNN Money has highlighted the community as a top earning American town. As a result, many prominent lawyers, doctors, politicians, businessmen and even eight Pulitzer Prize winners make the suburb their home.

In general, Bethesda, MD is home to roughly 60,000 residents, who live in areas that range from new townhouses on the busy streets of Downtown Bethesda to more secluded wooded neighborhoods. The median home value of the region is $736,667, making it one of the most expensive areas in Metropolitan Washington DC.

Luxury Homes for sale in Bethesda, Maryland

Luxury Homes for sale in Bethesda, Maryland

Central to the Bethesda’s growth over the past two decades has been the explosive growth of Downtown Bethesda. With its proximity to downtown DC and major employers such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Naval Medical Center, Lockheed Martin and Marriott International making Bethesda their home, substantial commercial real estate investment occurred in the area. Today, Bethesda represents one of Washington’s premier restaurant districts, boasting the highest restaurant per capita ratio in the nation. In addition, well-known stores like Apple and Barnes & Noble maintain Bethesda outposts along with a series of boutique shops.

Furthermore, Bethesda boasts strong education options. Public high schools such as Bethesda Chevy Chase and Walt Whitman consistently rank among the nation’s top 100 schools. The area is also home to the campuses of many well regarded DC private institutions, including The Sidwell Friends School, The Landon School and The Holton Arms School.

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