Buyer's Edge Home Buying Process &

Client Feedback Survey



In an effort to provide the best Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Services to our clients, in 2017, Buyer’s Edge hired a consultant and conducted a survey of our homebuyer clients that had purchased a home within the past two years. Though our objective was to find out what we were doing right and also how we could serve our clients better, it also provided our exclusive buyer’s agents with some valuable insight into what qualities matter most to homebuyers when picking a real estate agent.

Our survey found that key drivers of choice when picking an agent were trust and process knowledge. Responsiveness, local expertise, and EBA Exclusive Buyer’s Agent status also were found to be differentiators.

Ultimately, clients during their home buying experience value an agent’s ability to evaluate properties and to protect their interests. While utilizing an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent (EBA) isn’t “top of mind” when choosing a Realtor, unbiased representation is critical, demonstrating an EBA’s unique ability to offer a differentiated home buying experience.  Notably, an agent’s performance during the negotiation phase is highly valued by home buying clients (i.e. negotiating price and terms of sale).

With regard to Buyer’s Edge overall performance, we were pleased to learn that 98% of our clients surveyed were satisfied with their home buying experience at Buyer’s Edge. In particular, clients cited our team’s expertise, style and responsiveness. Moreover, our model of exclusively representing homebuyers was frequently cited as a differentiator and helped foster a relationship of trust. Notably, we found that Buyer’s Edge score of 94 is as high as some of the world’s leading brands and industry benchmarks on Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our buyer-centric philosophy boosts our clients’ confidence in recommending us going forward. In fact, 90% our clients believe that it is important to work with an EBA after finding their home with us. And greater than 75% of our clients in the past 2-3 years have recommended us two or more times; 20% four plus times.

Ultimately, the Buyer’s Edge experience is about loyal, friendly & responsive representation and education that helps our clients “find the right home.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Or check out the full Buyer’s Edge Home Buying Process & Client Feedback Survey here.