What Is An Exclusive Buyer's Broker?

Our Exclusive Buyer's Brokerage Real Estate Company is All About Homebuyers.

It's Never Been About Sellers, Company MLS Listings or Houses for Sale.

For 25+ years in order to avoid conflicts of interest, it has always been about a focused business model and a clear-cut agency relationship at Buyer's Edge. This kind of consumer-oriented focus has convinced many homebuyers to work with an Exclusive Buyer's Agent when buying a home. 

Buyer's Edge Company Inc. (BuyersAgent.com) represents home buyers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. It's as simple as that when buying a home. The exclusive buyer's agents at Buyer's Edge do not list or sell properties. Instead, our real estate agents earn their money by earning their client's trust, and by helping them find the home that meets their personal lifestyle and financial objectives. Our exclusive buyers agent in VA, MD and DC provide a clear-cut vision, precise focus and persistent determination during the entire home buying process. 

Stephen Carpenter-Israel, Broker at Buyer's Edge says that, "The question of agency is an important consideration in choosing a real estate broker in DC, MD or VA. At Buyer's Edge, since we do not list or sell homes, we have no conflicts of interest. That's a big difference when compared to traditional real estate agencies that represent both sides of a transaction where neither the buyer or the seller has a real estate agent's undivided loyalty."


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Meet Tom... Tom is a traditional real estate agent. He works for a Broker in a large firm that lists homes for sale. Tom and his Broker do a great job selling houses - they advertise, hold open houses, always push the office MLS listings first, and strive to get the highest price for their client - the Seller. Will Tom show you, the Buyer, houses for sale? You bet he will! Preferably his houses, or the office listings. But will he represent you? Protect your confidentiality? Bargain on your behalf? No! He can't, because Tom already represents - the Seller like most DC real estate companies.


Meet Dick... Dick is a DUAL AGENT. He'd like you to believe he can represent both the seller and you, the Home Buyer.You'll meet Dick when he takes you into one of his own company's MLS listings and tells you not to worry - that he'll work for you and the seller equally. Dick will labor hard to convince you that you have nothing to lose in a dual agency, that he'll be fair, that you can trust him. Maybe so. But why take a chance? The only interest fully protected in a dual agency is that of the agent and the Broker, who pocket both sides of the commission. In truth, dual agency serves neither the seller nor the buyer well.


Now meet Harriet. Harriet works for the same company as Dick. If you're a Buyer, Harriet will tell you she's a Designated Buyer's Agent for this transaction, and the other agent is a Designated Seller's AgentAnd she'll be right! Unlike Dick, Harriet doesn't represent both parties in the same transaction. But her Broker does. Harriet may say she's independent of her Broker and that the Designated Seller's agent is, too. After all, real estate agents work for themselves, don't they? Not exactly. License law dictates that agents may not act independently of their Broker. Agents act for the Broker, in his place. The notion of independent, designated buyers agents in a firm that takes listings is nothing short of a hat trick. The agents change hats. The Broker wears just one. Its label says: Dual Agent.




Say hello to the Exclusive Buyer Agents at Buyer's Edge. We are fully licensed real estate agents who only represent Buyers, never Sellers. You could cal us a buyer advocate. Exclusive Buyer Brokers, like the Buyer's Edge, do not list homes for sale, so there is no conflict of interest. All of our efforts at BuyersAgent.com are directed to finding the best house, at the lowest price, on the best terms for you - the Home Buyer. Exclusive Buyer Brokers are legally obligated to their clients. That means you can trust every Buyer's Edge Real Estate Agent to advise on strategy, protect your interests, preserve your confidentiality and bargain hard on your behalf when you are buying a home.

Don't trust  just any Tom, Dick or Harriet when you go to buy a home!

Give yourself the BUYER'S EDGE in MD, DC, VA...

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