Dana Hollish Hill

Dana is no longer an exclusive buyer's agent. We wish her well with her new career.


Dana was a client of the Buyer's Edge when she and her husband bought their first home. Impressed with the service and style of representation they offered, she joined the Buyer’s Edge as an exclusive buyer agent in 2001. Licensed in Virginia, DC and Maryland, Dana represents buyers throughout the DC metropolitan area. She has lived in all three areas as well. She is a graduate of the Real Estate Institute (GRI) and has her brokers license.

In her former life, Dana was the National Director of Marketing and New Media for a DC consulting firm and represented numerous commercial and government clients. She received her degree in Marketing at the George Washington University and worked in Marketing at America Online, The National Wildlife Federation and The Riggs National Bank.

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"We returned to the DC area in 2001 determined to find a high-end “fixer-upper” in a highly desirable neighborhood. We quickly wore out two real estate agents who could not keep up with our pace of property evaluation. Then, we met Dana and were off and running. We had trouble keeping up with her! After numerous offers and counter-offers, we found the perfect house for us. With homes selling in bidding wars for above asking price, we were able to negotiate a price that was $94,000 below the original asking price, almost a 20% reduction. If you need a tenacious buyer’s agent, Dana is the one who’ll see you through to a successful conclusion."

- Al and Claudette D.


"I retained Dana's services in 2002 to buy my first home (an apartment in Kalorama) and again, four years later, to buy my first townhouse. I sought Dana's services again because she was a joy to work with: thorough, honest, and very savvy strategically. She provided exhaustive research for and honest assessment of each property I expressed interest in. Her guidance throughout the stressful process gave me confidence that I had a strong game plan. Once we identified a property we liked, her skills as a negotiator became apparent and she really shined during the closing of our house. I recommend Dana to anyone who wants peace of mind in the home buying process!"

- Dana K.


"We're so happy with our house and feel so lucky that you found it for us. Thank you!"

- Liz Z.


Here is a past client who is in the process of selling his home writing to Steve Israel about how Dana showed his home to a buyer!

Steve -

I was home this morning to take the dog for a walk while an agent showed our house. I do this a lot these days. 

Often, by the time I finish walking the dog, agent and buyers are gone. But today, when I returned they were in the basement. I could here the agent evaluating the systems and talking about the sump pump. Then they went upstairs, and I noticed them taking time in every room to get beyond a mere first impression. 

Something felt qualitatively different from other showings of which I have overheard the tail-end. I sat in the kitchen fighting off the urge to tell the Buyer's, unsolicited, that they were fortunate to be working with such a good agent. Instead, when everyone came downstairs, I merely offered to answer any questions and thanked them for coming. 

The agent then took the buyers on a complete tour of the exterior of the property, and they all stood in the driveway talking for a bit. I turned off the lights and got ready to meet Sara and the kids at the park. 

The whole experience made more sense when I grabbed the agent's card on my way out the door. I should have realized it would be one of your colleagues. After all, you thoroughly evaluated each house we saw, paused to explain things we wouldn't have noticed, and steered us well into this house, which really is great. (We wish y'all wanted to come to Madison with us to find the right house there.)

I hope Dana's** clients liked the house and that they appreciate her and the rest of your team. 


**Dana Hollish Hill is a Vice President and Associate Broker with Buyer’s Edge.

Dana Hollish Hill came recommended to me by another Foreign Service Officer.  I had been out of the country for 15 years and was completely out of touch with the Washington DC area real estate market.  Dana was perfect for us.  She truly does work for the buyer.  I can’t say enough.  She knows the business inside and out, is an expert negotiator, and has all the patience in the world.  The next time I need to buy a home, I hope she is still available.”

Mike M. – Fairfax, VA


We employed Dana Hollish Hill to help us find a home in Northern Virginia. Dana was tenacious, both in attempting to find home that met our needs, and in dealing with predatory Real Estate Agents and Brokers. Because she worked only for us, we always felt she was working in our best interest and was on our side.

Dana knew the market and market practices and shenanigans and was ready for all of them. We always felt we were getting the straight scoop on things and felt she was an ally as we zeroed in on our final home purchase. We ultimately found our dream home in a great neighborhood for our kids.

Today, I tell people if they want a guaranteed “good experience” finding a new home, go with Buyer’s Edge. Our brother-in-law highly recommended their service after having a good experience as they helped find HIS dream home as well. I’m glad he told us about their service. They were great. I bought my first home using a Real Estate agent, but decided to try the buyer’s agent route this time around and had a much better experience as a result.

Comment left on Yelp


My fiance and I were in the market for our first home, so we began the process incredibly early. We knew we wanted to work with an exclusive buyers agent because we didn’t want to have to deal with any potential conflicts of interest. I visited a website and conducted a search through their website for agents in the DC area. After a short while I had responses from a few agents, one of which was Dana Hill.

I liked her from the moment I spoke with her on the phone. She was very straight forward and provided a lot of information about the process despite the fact that I had not even signed a contract with her yet. (The agency she works for, requires a contract that guarantees the agent a 3% buyer’s agent fee; however, the contract is breakable by both parties should any issues arise…it’s just your standard buyer agent contract.) I met Dana as well as several other agents when my fiance and I decided she was the one.

At our first meeting she inquired about our lives, our interests and our expectations and desires for our new home. She also inquired about the areas we were interested in, the neighborhoods, and the types of properties. Unfortunately for Dana, we weren’t altogether nailed down on any of those aspects, so we dragged her all over the Metro DC area.

She educated us on what to look for when looking at a house, some basic information on what a home inspector might notice, and what to look for in a neighborhood if you’re interested in property appreciation. There were some houses that we expressed an interest in that wouldn’t have been the best option for us and after she pointed some details out to us, she talked us out of something that would have been a big mistake. That is one of the many aspects of Dana that we loved, she will never let you buy something that you would regret in the long run, and she always kept in mind what she learned during the interview. Most importantly, she teaches you how to recognize when you’ve found the best house possible; and, when you’ve found it, she is an amazing negotiator.

The house we ended up buying appraised at $50,000 over the amount we purchased it for, and it is in an area and neighborhood we absolutely adore. Dana is truly an amazing agent and I highly recommend her to anyone!

Comment Left on Angie’s List


“As a first-time home buyer, Dana was an absolute dream to work with. She held our hands all the way through the process, from the initial search to writing the contract to providing lists of recommended contractors to work with once we moved in. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

John A. – Gaithersburg, MD


“I picked Dana as my exclusive buyer’s agent as a first-time homebuyer.  Her experience and professionalism was immediately apparent from the first time we met.

Her best qualities are her honesty and discernment.  I had no problem placing my trust in her judgement, and it was a big help to have her guidance through all the homebuying steps.  She would even be physically present those times it wasn’t required, such as during the home inspection and other meetings with our eventual seller.

Overall I’m very satisfied and would not hesitate to use Dana’s services in the future.  Thanks again, Dana.”

Andy C. – Clarksburg, MD


“Dana is the best decision you could make when buying a home. She is very accessible, friendly, and the best person to teach you what to look for when house hunting. I love my home and Dana for guiding me through what can be a stressful process.”

Mickey B. – Washington, DC


“My husband and I were anxious entering into a competitive and volatile real estate market.  We were looking for a home in a safe, welcoming neighborhood where we could start a family and not go bankrupt paying the mortgage. Right from the start, Dana listened carefully to what we wanted and asked  insightful questions to determine exactly what we were looking for. When my husband and I toured a home, she kept us on track by thoroughly and  objectively pointing out the pros and cons of the property. Dana not only found us a perfect home in our dream neighborhood, but skillfully negotiated the price and conditions of sale so well that since then, seller’s agents have ruefully commented on the “great deal” we got!  If you want someone thoroughly committed to helping you find a home, use a buyer’s agent. If you want a buyer’s agent with experience, knowledge, insight, and determination,  call Dana!”

Laura H. – Falls Church, VA


"When my husband and I decided to buy our first home, we had no idea where to look or what the process entailed. We feel very fortunate that friends recommended Dana to us. I don’t even think I knew there was such a thing as a buyer’s agent at the time. Dana immediately put us at ease. She listened to what we wanted in a home, suggested communities we had not even considered (with her being licensed in Virginia, Maryland and DC, our range was large), and always looked at the houses we visited with an eye for our expressed interests and needs. In fact, when we had stars in our eyes over a house, she was the one who pointed out the number of stairs one would have to walk up with two babies and groceries in tow, the positioning of a house on the block, or the extent to which we would need to undertake improvements that we most certainly did not have time to make on our own. In other words, she never pressured us to enter into a contract, but really looked out for our best interests. For example, when the inspection a house we won the contract on revealed some strong negatives, it was Dana who encouraged us to walk away and not settle for something that was not exactly what we wanted. In the end, we found our dream home in a family friendly neighborhood and have not regretted it a single day. We always have our eyes open for other houses in our neighborhood for when our children have outgrown our current home, and when that day comes, we know who to call first…. Dana!"

- Chelsea M.