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By Wendy Carpenter-Israel 

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"There are First-Time Homebuyers out there who have always wanted to live in Takoma, Park MD, but can't come up with the down payment needed to buy their first home." explains Stephen Mercer, Exclusive Buyer's Agent with Buyer's Edge an Exclusive Buyer's Brokerage Real Estate Company in the Washington, DC Metro Area. As a Takoma Park resident, Stephen shares with homebuyers, "Luckily, there's a pilot program being offered in Takoma Park, Maryland that might help out First-Time Homebuyers, but they have to hurry. There're just 5 grants being offered." 

The Home Stretch:

Down Payment Assistance Program

 #1 Some of the Eligibility Requirements: 

    • First-Time Homebuyer 

    • Maximum Income Requirements

    • All Applicants Must

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December 15, 2016

Wendy Carpenter-Israel

MLS Search for DC, MD, VA Active Real Estate Listings Now

It's Beginning to Look Like the Holidays are Here! 

From Your Friends and Exclusive Buyer's Agents in the Washington, DC Metro Area.

Please Enjoy the Video!

Meet Exclusive Buyer's Agents with Buyer's Edge Buyer Brokerage DC, MD, VA

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September 30, 2016

By Wendy Carpenter-Israel


The DMV covers a lot of ground. Buying a house or condo can be a daunting task. For our Buyer's Edge agents, helping you find a dream home is only part of what we do best. It's also about knowing and loving the Washington, DC Metro area. The more our exclusive buyer's agents at Buyer's Edge know about Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia, the happier the home buying journey will be, for everyone.

Top Four Places for Dogs to Swim in DC, MD, VA

Search for the Homes in the DMV Now

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By Wendy Carpenter-Israel


It's not too late to enjoy hummingbirds in your DC, MD, VA backyards or balconies this summer. Don't be afraid that if you feed them late into the season, they will delay their migration south. This just won't happen. In fact, you can feed hummingbirds as long as they keep coming by to eat. These little birds have such a strong biological clock that nothing will allow them to delay their long flight home when the time has come to do so. With your help, they will be "fat and happy" and better prepared to make their arduous journey over the Gulf of Mexico.

Here's the Easy Recipe:

Hummingbird Food

4 Parts Water

1 Part Sugar

Stir and Dissolve Sugar into Boiling Water

Cool Mixture and Pour into

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 By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

Yes, Washingtonians are ecstatic! After days and days of historic record making rainfall in the Washington, DC metro area, it's hard not to get excited about Memorial Day Weekend and the lovely weather we have been promised.  So go ahead and make some outdoor plans, but don't forget to include your dog in some of your excursions. Remember, they have been cooped up in your house or condo for most of May 2016 with you. It's supposed to be close to 80 degrees on Saturday, so it might be perfect day to take your dog for a swim. And if your dog is swimmer, you probably already know it’s not that easy to find a perfect place for dogs to swim in DC, MD, VA that doesn’t get the “Rules Police” all grumpy. However, there are

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Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2016

Wendy Carpenter-Israel


Happy Earth Day. We live on a beautiful planet. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded of that during the home and condo buying process in the Washington, DC metro area. With the hot, Spring real estate market in full swing, homebuyers find themselves running all over town looking at new real estate listings in DC, MD, VA with their exclusive buyer's agent. They frantically wonder, "Will we ever find our dream home? Will we ever win a multiple bidding war at our price point? Will we live in Arlington, VA, Bethesda, MD or Logan Circle, DC?  Will I still want to live with my partner after this process?"

Yikes! Time to take a deep breath and remember that there will be other homes and

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March 14, 2016

Wendy Carpenter-Israel

Buyer’s Edge Company Inc., an exclusive buyer brokerage real estate company with a clear-cut, single agency relationship in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia is pleased to announce the addition of searchable “Sold” real estate listing data on our website - BuyersAgent.com.  We are the first Washington, DC metro area Real Estate Company to provide searchable accurate, pertinent and timely Sold real estate listing data from the MRIS that is easily accessible to anyone who visits our website.

“Buyer’s Edge has been challenging the real estate industry status quo for over twenty-four years. We believe in doing real estate differently. Consumers have a right to unconditional protection and loyalty

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Four Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Washington, DC Today

February 12, 2016

In 2016, why not consider investing in residential real estate in the Washington, DC metro area.... “Washington DC real estate continues to be a stable environment for home prices,” says Steve Carpenter-Israel, President of Bethesda, Maryland based Buyer’s Edge.

 “Foreign investors find Washington Metropolitan real estate inviting as the region has one of the highest levels of education and income per capita in the US, and many are within easy commuting distance of the city,” explained Steve Israel, President of Buyer’s Edge, an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage firm serving the Metropolitan Washington area.  “With the Federal Government and all its contractors located in

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