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 By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

Yes, Washingtonians are ecstatic! After days and days of historic record making rainfall in the Washington, DC metro area, it's hard not to get excited about Memorial Day Weekend and the lovely weather we have been promised.  So go ahead and make some outdoor plans, but don't forget to include your dog in some of your excursions. Remember, they have been cooped up in your house or condo for most of May 2016 with you. It's supposed to be close to 80 degrees on Saturday, so it might be perfect day to take your dog for a swim. And if your dog is swimmer, you probably already know it’s not that easy to find a perfect place for dogs to swim in DC, MD, VA that doesn’t get the “Rules Police” all grumpy. However, there are

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Money, Schools, and Culture. It's Why Some People are Buying Homes in McLean, VA.

May 5, 2015

Wendy Carpenter-Israel

"The Washington, DC Metro area is a wonderful place to live." says Steve Carpenter-Israel, President and Broker of Buyer's Edge, a buyer brokerage real estate company in the Washington, DC metro area and the Baltimore, MD region. As a native Washingtonian, Steve understands that with so many unique towns and communities to choose from, it can make the home buying process challenging.  Israel advises homebuyers that, "Selecting the best buyers agent is the first step and then narrowing in on a number of communities after a thorough and exhaustive search is the next." It’s also important that your real estate agent protects your

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Heard of the Ripple Effect in Real Estate?

March 21, 2015

Wendy Carpenter-Israel



307 Saint Asaph Street, Alexandria, VA $3,995,000

We've all heard of the ripple effect. I like to think that homeowners nurture and care for their properties while they live in them. Whether we live in a home for a few years or for many decades, we all leave our imprint on them and then we pass them on. Recycle, renew and reuse... Here's a great story by the Washington Post that shares a ripple effect of a home being loved and enjoyed before it's sold and shared with another family. At Buyer's Edge, we love what we do.




The Ripple Effect of Love

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Need Help Training a Dog?

Stop Pulling on the Leash Now!

February 10, 2014

By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

After buying a home or condominium with an exclusive buyer’s agent at the Buyer’s Edge, we love helping our clients with any question that they may have even after they move into their new home. The other day, we received a call from a past client who had recently adopted a 6-month-old dog from PetConnect Rescue. (Previously, we suggested that they contact PetConnect when they were ready to adopt a new pet.) Though their flat coated retriever mix is adorable, she is in need of some serious training. She doesn't sit, stay or come when she's called. Worst of all, with all her high energy and exuberance for life, this little pup drags them

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May 1, 2012 — (Bethesda, MD) —Already listed as one of the top global cities for foreign investment in 2012, Washington DC is setting its sights on becoming the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the United States by 2032.  Commenting on Mayor Gray’s recently unveiled vision for a sustainable Washington DC, Steve Israel, President of Buyer’s Edge, an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage firm serving the Metropolitan Washington area, called it  “One more compelling reason to consider investing in a city that’s focused on making itself a better place to live  — now and in the future.”

“As the fear of a double-dip recession has faded, investors are looking seriously at real estate investment opportunities, especially in the DC area,” said

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