By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

March 22, 2012

What’s in the Buyer’s Edge Bag?

Our Exclusive Buyer’s Agents at the Buyer's Edge are not home inspectors, but if they see something that doesn’t look right or that sends up red flags when showing a house or condo, they will share their concerns with their client, the Home Buyer. We just work with Home Buyers 100% of the time in MD, DC and VA.


Some Buyer’s Edge agents carry binoculars in their car trunk. It is helpful to get a closer look at a cracked chimney, curled roof tiles or a large, dead branch hanging over the baby’s room. A home inspector will give you a professional opinion, but an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent can point it out to you before a contract is written. This is something that the

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By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

March 5, 2012

Where can I take my dog swimming in the Washington, DC metro area?

I love the focus of this dog. I hope he found a fun place to swim in DC, MD, VA.

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Last week the National Park Service announced the predicted peak bloom dates for the cherry blossoms. According to the chief horticulturalist, Rob DeFeo, the peak dates will likely fall between March 24 and 31. Peak bloom is defined as the day on which 70 percent of the Yoshino blossoms (the hybrid variety that makes up the majority of the city’s trees) are open. This year’s prediction is earlier than usual, thanks to our warm winter, but it’s not the earliest by far. In 1990, the peak bloom fell on March 15.

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Independently Owned Stores Make Old Town Alexandria, VA a Great Place to Shop


Wendy Carpenter-Israel

Every time we go to NYC we end up walking forever…and inevitably end up browsing through Soho. I find that every truly great city has a place like that, with endless independently owned boutiques, art galleries and restaurants.  In Montreal it’s along Rue St. Laurent and Rue St. Denis. In Seattle the ferry can take you to Bainbridge Island – exquisite – and San Francisco has Fillmore Street. Here in the DC area we have our own in Old Town Alexandria. Starting at the riverfront on King Street and walking the mile to King Street Metro you can quite simply lose track of time.

There is nothing quite like The Lamplighter where clients

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With thousands of homes for sale in Virginia, finding the perfect fit for you can take weeks, months or even years of dedicated work. Sifting through just the townhomes for sale will take hours each day. You can save a lot of time on the search for homes in Virginia and the surrounding area by hiring a buyer's agent from Buyers Edge. We don't create listings for condos or other properties because we don't list properties for sale, but we do sort through them to find hidden gems for our clients.

Our goals are clear – to help our clients find the best properties on the market, critically evaluate those properties and then negotiate the very best deals possible.

The Top Three Things an Exclusive Agent Offers You

• Confidential Advice: We

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