December 2015

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Deck the Halls... With Home Decor Ideas

From Other Women! Fa la la la!


By Wendy Carpenter-Israel

Updated December 21, 2015



Where do creative ideas come from when decorating your home? With websites like Houzz and Pinterest, the possibilities are exciting, inspiring and endless. At times however, the abundance and often the absurdity of the images available on the web today can make the creative process a little overwhelming. That's why when a home decor idea comes to you from out of the blue, it often ends up being the creative idea that brings a homeowner the most pleasure overtime.  Though it's a bit convoluted, one of my favorite home decor ideas came when I least expected it. I started collecting sterling silver sugar

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Don't Buy a Home with Any Tom, Dick or Harriet 

A focused business model and a clear-cut agency relationship has convinced many homebuyers to work with an Exclusive Buyer's Agent when buying a home.

What's an Exclusive Buyer's Agent?

Updated December 16, 2015

Wendy Carpenter-Israel

Exclusive buyer’s agents who work for Buyer Broker Real Estate Companies in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC are a unique kind of Realtor in that they represent homebuyers 100% of the time. Never sellers. It's as simple as that. Exclusive buyers agents and their brokers haven chosen not to list or sell properties. Instead, they make their living by representing only buyers, earning their client's trust as true

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One Magical Free Stock Photo Website You Need to Visit Today|

Wendy Carpenter-Israel

December 9, 2015

Writing a blog for an exclusive buyer’s brokerage Real Estate Company in the Washington, DC Metro area can be challenging. With most SEO websites recommending that a minimum of 10 articles be written and shared each week to keep your company brand on the first page of Google search, the whole management of a webpage blog can be overwhelming for a small company.

Luckily, in the last few years the “blog-enabler” industry has exploded on the web! Unique, small companies along with enormous corporations have access to the same tech-savvy tools to keep their blogs interesting and creative at little or no costs.

One of the

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