February 2015

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Original Contemporary Art Work Reflects the Creative Spirit of Buyer's Edge

February 25, 2015

Wendy Carpenter-Israel

Last year when Buyer’s Edge moved to our new location in the Washington, DC metro area, we decided to create an office environment that reflected our positive, innovative and creative spirit.  Since our buyer brokerage firm offers homebuyers a bright alternative when buying a home, we wanted our new office space to mirror that upbeat opportunity. Buyer’s Edge has never been a traditional real estate company, so we had no desire for our offices to look like one.

Since our buyer’s agents represent homebuyers 100% of the time, we hoped to design an office that was eye-catching, sleek and modern. The corporate offices of Uber,

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Buyer’s Edge-Winter is the Best Time to Prune And Cut Down Trees in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC

February 9, 2015

Wendy Carpenter-Israel


Recently past clients called Steve Carpenter Israel, President and CEO of Buyer’s Edge - Buyer Brokerage, to get his advice on when was the best time to trim their trees. The homebuyers had worked with Steve and bought a beautiful piece of Virginia real estate a couple years back. During the home inspection process, it was determined that some of the large trees on the property would need some major pruning to protect the home. Another tree on the property also needed to be removed due to age. After negotiating with the sellers, the homebuyers received a substantial credit at settlement for the

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Maryland Real Estate May Not be Impacted by Lower Gas Prices this Spring

February 9, 2015

John Sullivan - Vice President and Associate Broker with Buyer's Edge - Buyers Agents for the Home and Condo Buyer in MD, VA & DC

I was recently asked my opinion of the effect lower gas prices on commuting distances and home sales, and if lower fuel prices would significantly impact the 2015 spring market. Here’s how I responded:

”I would not expect lower gas prices to impact the spring market. Reputable lenders are not going to revise their income requirements and smart agents are going to advise their clients that the drop is only temporary. If fact, a report on February 2, 2015 indicated that fuel prices remained unchanged since the previous

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