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The Baltimore Sun

For the homebuyer, it sounds like a deal, hiring a real estate agent who looks out for buyers, not sellers, and having the seller pay.

Buyers need someone on their side when making what's often the biggest purchase of a lifetime, agents who represent buyers advise.

But real estate brokers warn that buyers first should understand the contractual obligation they're creating.

For instance, if a client hires a buyer's agent, then finds a home to buy on his own, he still owes the agent a commission.

Exclusive buyer's agents or brokers do not list homes for sale and only take buyers as clients. Other agents, typically those who work for large companies, work as buyer's agents in some sales and seller's agents in

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Caution! Real Estate Buyers!! Moving can be a Pain in the Neck When Moving into Bethesda, MD Real Estate!

By Wendy Carpenter-Israel
September 13, 2012

In the real estate business there is an old saying that “death, divorce and relocation” are some of the three biggest stresses of life. At the Buyer’s Edge, we do our best to help our clients reduce the stress and anxiety involved with the entire home buying process. We work hard on behalf of our buyers from start to finish. Most importantly, we also are there to help and advise our clients long after the home or condominium purchase has been completed.

However, no matter how hard we try there always is a certain amount of “pain” involved in the exciting and ultimately rewarding home buying

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The competition for the top homes for sale in Washington DC can become fierce. Thousands of families move to the area each year and all of them must choose from a limited number of luxury townhomes and other properties. If you want to secure one of the top homes in DC without all the risk, struggle and extra work, consider hiring a buyer's agent.. Buyers Edge can provide you with a coach for the process that has access to exclusive DC listings and sale homes.

What We Can Do To Help You Find Homes For Sale In Washington DC

• Pre-screen DC Listings: Hundreds of new sale homes are added to the MLS services for DC each day. You will save hours a day by allowing our agents to pre-screen the listings according to your specifications.

• Private Tours:

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